Brief History of 1618

It began on a Sunday evening, November 25, 1973. A group of early "settlers" in Annexes16 and 18 of the Better Living Subdivision composed of the couples Tris and Mila Lising, Olbs and Fely Castillo, Romy and Minda Morato, Doc Renato and Pin Liboro and Harry Heddie Pastores later joined by Serge and Ned Villano, would take leisurely evening walks around the area introducing themselves to other neighbors who were happy with their new acquaintances. These quiet strolls became nightly and soon led to the idea of organizing an association as befits their "new" life. The idea was tossed around and in no time strengthened into a conviction, that perforce, an association had to be formed. A meeting for that purpose was immediately set on November 30, 1973.

In that historic meeting, the pioneers of 1618 laid the foundation of what later emerge as a model community in Better Living. Residents representing every street assembled in front of the Castillo house. Olbs steered the meeting to form an organizing committee composed of 22 homeowners; he was later unanimously chosen as the Chairman.

The following were appointed: Ador Cendaña and Johnny "Clem" Valdez, Bliss; "Cris "Pops" Aldiosa and Cody Chua", Delight; Vic Pesayco Jr. and Charlie Arcilla, Happiness; Bernie Paller and Ben Santos and later Sid Endrina, Gladness; Pat Torres and Cesar Peralta, Bernabe; Art Umayam and Tris Lising, Gaiety; Bobby Bascuña and Winnie Fronteras, Merriment; Art Hammond and Serge Villano, Cheer; Harry Pastores, Joy; Danny Badiola and Rod Concepcion, West Ferrer; Rudy Estrella, Amity; Paradise was to have been represented by Pol Casio but he left for abroad so Rudy Estrella was asked to take over temporarily. Ed Palma was also asked to take the place of Tony Patron for East Ferrer.

The drafting of the Constitution and By-Laws required some legal advice from a panel formed in the persons of Attorneys Olbs Castillo, Serge Villano and Nel Valdez, A series of committee meetings would follow in the residences of Danny Badiola, Ador Cendaña, Charlie Arcilla and finally Ed Palma. The final draft of the constitution and By-laws was finished on February 8, 1974 and made ready for presentation to all residents of 1618. On February 13, 1974 the Constitution and By-laws was finally ratified by a vote of 98 to nothing with three abstentations. That Wednesday evening also saw the election by secret ballot of the first Area Representatives who were to constitute the first Board of Directors of the 1618 Association.

On February 20, 1974 the Board of Directors, in accordance with the provisions of the By-laws, elected from among themselves the set of officers who would guide the Association during its maiden year. Tris Lising was elected President. Thus was the 1618 BLS Homeowners Association, Inc. born.

The job of getting the Articles of Incorporation and By-laws approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission was handled by Atty. Manny Lopez of Bernabe St. The corporate life of th assiciation is 25 years. Two years before its expiration, then 1996 Board President Sonia de Leon passed a resolution to form a committee to draft revisions/amendments in the Constitution and By-laws for implementation by the time the corporate status of the association is renewed. Composed of thirty members, mainly past Chairmen, community leaders, youth leaders and elders, the review body was divided into seven working committees headed by Oca Reantaso, (Coporate); Ted Asuncion, (Organization Management); Ed Esteves, (Meetings and Elections); Pat Cordero, Fely Castillo and Jess Samson (Miscellaneous Provisions and Oversight); Linda Borci and Josie Tero, (Secretariat); Jun Carlos, (Style), and Lino Carpio (Referendum). Overall Chairman was Olbs Castillo.